[Comp-neuro] Two open positions in circadian patterning of neural activity

Meredith, Andrea AMeredith at som.umaryland.edu
Tue Mar 6 16:31:05 CET 2018

Postdoctoral Positions Available in Electrophysiology and Imaging

Two positions are available in the lab of Dr. Andrea Meredith, at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, to study the circadian patterning of neuronal activity.  We are seeking a highly motivated team-players to contribute to our studies of the circadian regulation of intrinsic excitability and intracellular signaling in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus, the brain's intrinsic 'clock.'  One project is an NIH BRAIN Initiative<https://www.braininitiative.nih.gov/>-funded study involving high resolution imaging with novel FRET-based sensors to record rhythmic signals in SCN neurons and the circuit.  Other projects involve deciphering the biophysical mechanisms that contribute to circadian regulation of membrane excitability by the large conductance Ca2+-activated BK channel and other ion channels (see  Nature Neuroscience 9:1041<https://www.nature.com/articles/nn1740>, 2006; Nature Communications 7:10837<https://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms10837>, 2016; and Journal of General Physiology 15:259<http://jgp.rupress.org/content/150/2/259.long>, 2018).

The Meredith Lab (http://meredithlab.org) is focused on understanding the mechanisms that contribute to circadian regulation of membrane excitability and daily oscillations in action potential activity in the SCN circuit, using techniques such as voltage- and current-clamp, multi-electrode array recordings, imaging, molecular biology, transgenics, and in vivo telemetry.

Requirements:  We are seeking candidates with a PhD in neuroscience, biophysics, physiology, or other relevant field.  Experience with electrophysiological recordings or imaging is required.  Excellent oral and written communication skills (fluent in English) required.

To apply:  Please send by email to Dr. Andrea Meredith (ameredith at som.umaryland.edu<mailto:ameredith at som.umaryland.edu>) with:
     - your CV
     - a letter describing your research accomplishments, expertise, and career goals
     - contact information for three references

The Department of Physiology (http://medschool.umaryland.edu/physiology) offers outstanding research and NIH-funded postdoctoral training opportunities.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine, located in downtown Baltimore, is the oldest public medical school in the U.S. and the founding campus of the University of Maryland system.  The School of Medicine ranks 6th among all 76 public medical schools.

Andrea Meredith, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Physiology and Program in Neuroscience
University of Maryland School of Medicine
655 W. Baltimore Str.
BRB 5-002
Baltimore, MD 21201
410-706-5991<tel:410-706-5991> office
ameredith at som.umaryland.edu<mailto:ameredith at som.umaryland.edu>

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