[Comp-neuro] 7th International Summer School of Neuroengineering "Massimo Grattarola"

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Thu Mar 1 14:55:41 CET 2018

Call for applicants of the 7th International Summer School of
Neuroengineering "Massimo Grattarola"

Neurotechnologies and Computational Methods to Interact with the Brain


The 7th International Summer School of Neuroengineering "Massimo Grattarola"
aims to introduce computational and technological methods to researchers of
different backgrounds (life sciences, physics, engineering) to interact with
the brain. The first two days will deal with brain dynamics giving
particular emphasis to the role of the connectivity and computational models
of the brain at different level of abstraction, as well as hardware and
software platforms to simulate such dynamics. During the 3rd day, the recent
advancements for increasing the quality of the recordings and for delivering
efficient stimulating protocols will be discussed. Finally, the last day
will provide examples of neuroengineering paradigms for designing new
neuroprostheses to interact with the brain and their clinical applications
to increase the quality of life.

A practical experimental session using high-density EEG set-up and
multi-electrode arrays for in vitro/in vivo applications is foreseen.


Dates: 18th-22nd June 2018

Location: Genova (Italy)

Registration: Registrations will open during the first week of March.
Participation is limited to 60 attendees (students, post-docs, .).

Website: www.neuroengineering.eu <http://www.neuroengineering.eu> 

Poster session: Students attending the school will have the opportunity to
present their results in a two-days poster session.

Confirmed speakers: Miguel Nicolelis (Duke University), Shimon Marom
(Technion Israel Institute of Technology), Matias Palva (Univ. Helsinki),
Andreas Hierlemann (ETH), Tim Harris (Janelia Research Campus), Lucilla de
Arcangelis (Univ. of Campania), Annalisa Bonfiglio (Univ. Cagliari), Sylvie
Renaud (Bordeaux INP), Valentina Pasquale (Italian Institute of Technology),
Michele Giugliano (Univ. Antwerp), Michele Migliore (CNR), Silvia Casarotto
(Univ. Milano), Michela Chiappalone (Italian Institute of Technology),
Stanisa Raspopovic (ETH).


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