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aris giachnis aris.giachnis at outlook.com
Tue Jul 3 13:34:23 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I am a software developer/tech founder so I am a bit out of my water here but I am looking for a partner with neuroscience background after my previous one left the project for academia.

Although I cannot share all details about it (but can do upon private request/contact) I can say it is very interesting and involves using neuroscience for security purposes.

The technical aspects involve measuring evoked potentials (p300) and developing some algorithms that provide high confidence intervals and later building a hardware prototype. We can be using devices such as OpenBCI for prototyping. There needs to be research on beta testers so it's mainly an RnD project for at least one year.

Anyone that is interested in cooperating either as a side project or full time (but without compensation currently until we get funding but getting a piece.of the project is welcome to message me for more information. I am based in Amsterdam but can travel too, face to face is always better.

best regards,


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