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*Several DOCTORAL and POSTDOCTORAL openings in the group of RAVA AZEREDO DA
SILVEIRA at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris*

We will be hiring several Ph.D. students and postdocs to work on an array
of projects on computation and coding in neural circuits. The projected
studies range from the modeling of computations in retinal circuits, to the
analysis of large sets of retinal and cortical data, to the investigations
of mathematical models of coding. Some of the projects will be set in close
collaboration with the experimental labs of Botond Roska (FMI, Basel) and
Andreas Hierlemann (ETH, Basel); they will involve the study of mouse
retina and cortex, primate retina, and human retina, and questions on the
representation and transformation of sensory inputs in populations of
neurons. Experience with data analysis and proficiency with numerical
methods and programming, in addition to familiarity with neuroscience
topics and mathematical and statistical methods, are desirable. Equally
desirable are a spirit of intellectual adventure as well as drive and

The ENS, together with a number of neighboring institutions (College de
France, Institut Curie, ESPCI, Paris Science et Lettres, Sorbonne
Université, and Institut Pasteur), offers a rich scientific and
intellectual environment, with a strong representation in computational
neuroscience and related fields.

Doctoral and postdoctoral salaries will be competitive, appreciably higher
than standard French salaries. Depending on their projects, Ph.D. students
and postdocs may wish to spend a fraction of their time in Basel,
Switzerland, which features a first-rate community of researchers in
experimental neuroscience.

To apply, please send a letter of motivation, a statement of research
interests limited to two pages, a curriculum vitae including a list of
publications, and any relevant publications to rava at ens.fr, and arrange for
three letters of recommendations to be sent to the same address.

For full consideration, please apply by 1 March 2018.
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