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Postdoctoral Position in Cognitive Neuroscience: MEG lab.

 The international Centre for Cognition & Decision Making
<https://social.hse.ru/en/psy/> (CCDM, Moscow) invites applications for
postdoctoral research positions in cognitive neuroscience. The newly
established Magnetoencephalographiy (MEG) group provides an access to an
Elekta Neuromag Vectorview 306-channel MEG system and associated equipment.
The CCDM focuses on E/MEG studies in a range of research strands including
normal and pathological neurodynamics, decision making and neuroeconomics,
memory, motor control, language and speech, theoretical neuroscience, BCI
and other neurotechnologies, neuroimaging methods  (including source
modeling techniques).  The postholder will have an opportunity to influence
the research agenda, which will be formed in collaboration with the new
head of the MEG group and other PIs at the CCDM.

CCDM <https://www.hse.ru/en/cdm-centre> is a young international
English-speaking research center recently established at the Higher School
of Economics, a dynamic, ambitious and rapidly growing university. CCDM is
located in the historical city center of Moscow and provides access to all
major neuroimaging techniques: fMRI, navigated TMS, EEG, MEG, tDCS/tACS,
eye-tracking, behavioural measurements etc. CCDM actively cooperates with
national and international collaborators such as Ecole Normale Superieure
(Paris), MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig), Aalto
University (Finland), Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience
(Aarhus University), Duke University School of Medicine, etc.


·           The position requires a PhD degree in psychology, neuroscience,
physics, applied mathematics, computer science or engineering, with
experience of publishing international peer-review paper in cognitive

·           Experience in MEG/EEG, including designing and running
experiments, MEG/EEG data analysis, programming in Matlab, Python and R is
an advantage.

·           Ability to work in international teams

·           Knowledge of Russian is not required as teaching and research
are both conducted in English.

General conditions for Post-Doctoral Research positions can be found here


A CV, research statement and two letters of recommendation should be
submitted online application for
<https://www.hse.ru/expresspolls/poll/211481597.html>m by February 15, 2017.
Note that direct email applications to the CCDM may not be reviewed –
please use online application for

About the Higher School of Economics (HSE)

The HSE is a young, dynamic, fast-growing Russian research university. Over
the past twenty years, the HSE has become one of Russia's largest
universities in the fields of economics, social sciences and humanities,
and has earned the reputation of a national leader in higher education.
Committed to high-quality research, HSE now has a considerable number of
international research laboratories, led by eminent professors from all
over the world; more such laboratories were opened in 2018-2019. HSE
provides excellent opportunities to teach in English at BA and MS levels.

Apply now <https://www.hse.ru/expresspolls/poll/211481597.html>
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