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Huawei AI Theory Lab Job Advert
Applications are invited for research internships as well as for research scientist positions to join Huawei Research and Development’s research arm (Noah’s Ark lab) in London (UK), Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing. We are looking for candidates who have the skills and research experience to join a new research team to push the boundaries of pure mathematics, theoretical statistics (incl. parametric and non-parametric Bayesian statistics) and machine learning (incl. deep learning and reinforcement learning). A proven record of publications (in reputed conferences such as NIPS, COLT, UAI, ICML, AISTATS, JMLR, PAMI, and others) and prototyping skills in terms of developing algorithms, in any language, is essential.
As an industry research laboratory, we pursue both theoretical and applied research, where one feeds into the other. Like academia, knowledge dissemination is through the publication of papers in reputed journals, conferences and workshops, as well as patents. We have current collaborations with world-renowned academic institutions; fostering such industry-academia partnerships is deemed an essential quality for research interns/scientists.
The successful applicant will be based at our offices in London (UK), Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing, and will be part of a successful R&D team comprising research scientists, research engineers and software developers. 
Qualifications, skills and other information:
0 Applicants for research scientists generally have a PhD degree and/or postdoctoral experience in computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, and allied disciplines. Research interns are PhD students1 Knowledge of Bayesian statistics2 Knowledge of reinforcement learning3 Knowledge of deep learning methodologies, such as convolutional and recurrent networks4 Technical familiarity with at least one of the following: Python, C/C++, Java, Scala, etc.
Salary is commensurate to experience/skill-set. Email to send across CVs: noahlab at huawei.com, mentioning a preference for location (London (UK), Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing). Please mention AI Theory Lab on your covering letter so that it is directed to the specific group.
Research Internships: Please format subject line of the email as: AITheory_Name_RI_CurrentDegreeUniversity_currentlocationResearch scientists: Please format subject line of the email as: AITheory_Name_RS_CurrentPlaceofWork_currentlocation
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