[Comp-neuro] Book Announcement: Elements of Neurogeometry.

Jean Petitot petitot at ehess.fr
Mon Feb 19 10:41:05 CET 2018

Apologies for multiple postings.

Dear Colleagues,
The following book is now available: "Elements of Neurogeometry. 
Functional architectures of vision" (Springer).

This book describes several mathematical models of the primary visual 
cortex, referring them to a vast ensemble of experimental data and 
putting forward an original geometrical model for its functional 
architectures  Using concepts as wavelet analysis; contact, 
symplectic, and sub-Riemannian geometry, it provides a systematic 
interpretation of a number of important neurophysiological 
observations in a welldefined mathematical framework.

More information (in particular the Table of contents) can be found 
on the following web pages:


With my best regards,
Jean Petitot
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