[Comp-neuro] Systems Neuroscience: a study abroad summer program in Budapest

Érdi Péter erdi.peter at wigner.mta.hu
Sun Feb 4 19:01:43 CET 2018

Our Dear Colleagues:

BSCS-US announces a study abroad program in Budapest:

Systems Neuroscience: a study abroad summer program
Program start/end dates
June 11th - Aug 3th, 2018

The BSCS Systems Neuroscience Program takes place at and academically
supervised by the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology,
Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest.

Transcript is issued by the Registrar of the Semmelweis University Medical 
School, and will be sent directly to the Registrar of your college/university.

For details, see: http://sysneuro-semester.org/ [sysneuro-semester.org]

Program directors / academic supervisors
Péter Érdi perdi at kzoo.edu
László Négyessy <negyessy at gmail.com>
John Milton <JMilton at kecksci.claremont.edu>

bscs at bscs-us.org

With kind regards,
Péter Érdi

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