[Comp-neuro] Post-doc or engineer: image analysis to study astrocyte-synapse/circuit signaling in Lausanne/Switzerland

Carlos Vivar Rios carlos.vivarrios at unil.ch
Sun Dec 30 18:58:03 CET 2018

We seek a highly motivated post-doc or engineer with solid experience in computer programming and analysis of biological fluorescence signals (e.g. 3D two-photon and microendoscopy Ca2+ imaging), to develop innovative analytical pipelines for studying astrocyte-synapse/circuit computations.

Research in our lab is interdisciplinary and focuses on decoding the mode of astrocyte communication and the role of astrocytes in synaptic/circuit functions in the normal and pathologic brain. More info at: https://www.fbm.unil.ch/dnf/group/glia-an-active-synaptic-partner.

Publications at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Volterra+A
Website at: https://www.fbm.unil.ch/dnf/group/glia-an-active-synaptic-partner

Relevant papers:
- Savtchouk et al. Front Cell Neurosci, 12:98 (2018);
- Bindocci et al., Science, 356.6339 (2017);
- Volterra A et al., Nat Rev Neurosci 15:327-35 (2014);
- Di Castro et al. Nat Neurosci, 14(10):1276-84 (2011)

The ideal candidate is a highly interactive team player in a multidisciplinary English-speaking team; must have solid background in image analysis approaches, experience with most common analysis tools (Imaris, ImageJ, etc), excellent computer programming skills (Python, MATLAB) and knowledge in design of analysis pipeline (linux/windows-based). Expected tasks include: 1) develop both novel analysis approaches and existing programs/interfaces to fit the evolving lab needs in day-by-day interaction with biologists. 2) Maintain and extend our large existing codebase of dedicated analysis scripts for extract and analyze imaging datasets (using proper documentation and exploiting GitHub) and 3) keep track of novel technological and algorithmic developments. Requirements: documented record of productivity, excellent command of English, communication skills and team-working capacity.

Applicants should send (as a single PDF file): motivation letter, detailed curriculum vitae, and contact information for 2 references, by email to volterralab at gmail.com<mailto:volterralab at gmail.com>, indicating “Candidate - data analysis” in the subject field.

Job Information
Closing date: 2019-01-15
Employment start date: 2019-03-01
Contract length: Typical post-doc contract may last up to 5 years and renewals are 1+2+2 years
Institution: University of Lausanne
Department: Fundamental Neuroscience|volterra

Kind regards,
Carlos Vivar Rios

UNIL - Université de Lausanne
Département des Neurosciences Fondamentales
Groupe de Andrea VOLTERRA
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+34 666 05 42 42
carlos.vivarrios at unil.ch<mailto:carlos.vivarrios at unil.ch>

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