[Comp-neuro] Postdoctoral position(s) available in group of N. Kopell

Nancy Kopell nk at math.bu.edu
Mon Dec 17 22:34:05 CET 2018

A 2-year (extendable) postdoctoral fellow position in computational
neuroscience is available at Boston University with Nancy Kopell.  The
successful candidate will build neural models capable of simulating neural
dynamics underlying the oscillatory behavior involved in auditory
cognition, particularly in relation to active sensing and speech
processing. The goal of this work is to better elucidate cellular and
network pathways in the brain that underlie auditory and visual cognition.

There will be opportunities for interaction with a large community of
experimental and computational neuroscientists via the Conte Center for
Basic Neuroscience Research, a highly networked group that includes Boston
University, Columbia University Medical Center, The Nathan S. Kline
Institute for Psychiatric Research, Princeton University and UC Berkeley.
The Conte Center contains members with expertise in vivo and in vitro
physiology, fMRI, EcOG, data analysis, and dynamical systems modeling.

In addition to the above opening, there may also be positions to work with
Kopell and experimentalists on a modeling project involving interactions
of pyramidal cells and multiple kinds of interneurons to form cognitively
important cell assemblies.  Applications for such positions are also

Qualified candidates should have a strong mathematics or physics
background, preferentially with experience in dynamical systems, as well
as strong programming experience.  Preference will be given to candidates
with experience using detailed biophysical models.  Experience with
experimental neuroscience is also helpful.  The deadline for applications
is Feb 1, 2019. Interested candidates should email a CV, statement of
research interests, three letters of recommendation, and if applicable,
relevant publications to xiaoshi at bu.edu.  Applications should include a
listing of those sending letters of recommendation. Boston University is
an equal opportunity employer.

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