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If you're interested in keeping up with the cutting edge of neuroscience, you might like to know about The Spike: https://medium.com/the-spike

The Spike – Medium<https://medium.com/the-spike>
The science of the brain, from the scientists of the brain.

The Spike's mission is to convey the triumphs, tragedies and challenges of systems and computational neuroscience to a broad audience;  while keeping you, the reader, entertained along the way.

Founded in 2016, we publish stories from a diverse array of writers. Our >400 unique visitors each day reflect a diverse readership from across AI, machine learning, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, clinical neurosciences, and beyond. And, of course, the public!

Popular recent stories include:
"Why you should (or shouldn't) get a PhD in Neuroscience" by Ashley Juavinett: <https://medium.com/the-spike/preparing-for-a-neuroscience-phd-6a0bb4ee5275?source=collection_home---4------8---------------------> https://medium.com/the-spike/why-you-should-or-shouldnt-get-a-phd-in-neuroscience-cdb4daf6a248

Why you should (or shouldn’t) get a PhD in Neuroscience<https://medium.com/the-spike/why-you-should-or-shouldnt-get-a-phd-in-neuroscience-cdb4daf6a248>
A few good reasons why you should get a neuroscience PhD You’ll open doors to different careers, and higher (paying) positions. There are certain jobs that require a PhD.

"Brains as Analog Computers" by Corey Maley:  https://medium.com/the-spike/brains-as-analog-computers-fa297021f935

Brains as Analog Computers – The Spike – Medium<https://medium.com/the-spike/brains-as-analog-computers-fa297021f935>
Algorithms. One idea, explored in a previous blog post in this very forum, is that the brain is a computer because what it does can be described in terms of algorithms.Unfortunately, this view has ...

"A not entirely serious future history of neuroscience" by me: https://medium.com/the-spike/a-not-entirely-serious-future-history-of-neuroscience-e5d92b85d470

A not entirely serious future history of neuroscience - Medium<https://medium.com/the-spike/a-not-entirely-serious-future-history-of-neuroscience-e5d92b85d470>
Author’s note: resting for a moment in a dark corner of the Society for Neuroscience conference’s poster hall, on the quiet solitude of the Wednesday afternoon in the History of Neuroscience ...

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