[Comp-neuro] ESI SyNC Conference 2018 - Integrative Mechanisms of Cognitive Neuroscience | DEADLINE APPROACHING

André Castro castro.neuro at pm.me
Thu Aug 9 14:18:37 CEST 2018

Dear all,

this is a kind reminder that ESI Sync 2018 is approaching. The registration deadline is 15th August and only a limited number of places are available. This year’s theme is "Integrative Mechanisms in Cognitive Neuroscience: Crossroads to the Brain”. The conference will begin in the morning of 30th August and end in the evening of 31st August 2018 at the Ernst Strüngmann Institute in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our confirmed invited speakers are the following:

- David Melcher (University of Trento, Italy)  --  "Temporal rhythms of visual perception"

- Dimitri Kullmann (UCL, UK) -- "Hippocampal gamma oscillations: dynamical properties and closed-loop manipulation"

- Matteo Carandini (UCL, UK) -- "Local and global neural correlates of vision, action, and reward"

- Biyu He (NYU, US) -- ''Large-scale brain dynamics underlying visual perceptual awareness''

- Tobias Donner (UKE, Germany) -- tba

- Wim Vanduffel (KU Leuven, Belgium) -- "Optogenetic interrogation of the attention network in primates"

- Anitha Pasupathy (University of Washington, US) -- "Encoding things and stuff: multiplexed form and texture signals in primate V4"

- Floris de Lange (Radboud University, Netherlands) -- "How do prior expectations influence sensory computations?"

- Hannah Monyer (Heidelberg University, Germany) -- ''GABAergic neurons – the cellular substrate for local and long-range synchrony''

- James Bisley (UCLA, US) -- ''The complementary roles of areas LIP and FEF in guiding eye movements''

This year we have the pleasure to announce as our special guest the choreographer Ildikó Tóth!

In order to register, please fill out the registration form (that can be found at http://www.esi-frankfurt.de/registration/ ) and email it to events at esi-frankfurt.de.

Please see our [website](http://www.esi-frankfurt.de/esisync/esisync-home/) for more details and updates on the programme.

Organising Committee:

Wolf Singer
Pascal Fries
André Castro
Tommaso Tosato
Ana Broggini
Miriam Mueller
Renata Vajda
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