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*Post-doctoral Position in Computational*


The Neural Dynamics and Neural Engineering Lab at Virginia Tech has an
opening for a post-doctoral position in computational neuroscience. This
position is for three years and is being funded by the Army Research Office
(ARO). The research project will involve employing biophysically based
computational models to examine the role of rhythmic activity in the
expression of emotional memories during behavior and their consolidation
during sleep. An additional aim is to employ the newly developed models to
gain insight into the pathophysiology of post-traumatic stress disorder

Our lab investigates neural dynamics during active behavior and during
off-line states, such as sleep, using a combination of computational
modeling, signal processing techniques, and both invasive and non-invasive
techniques for recording neural activity. The basic science knowledge
gathered from these investigations is leveraged to understand how memories
are instantiated in the brain, to gain insight into how learning occurs
during brain machine interface (BMI) tasks, to improve BMI algorithms, and
to develop the framework for stimulation and pharmacological therapies for
diseases, especially those marked by abnormal neural dynamics during sleep
(e.g., post-traumatic sleep disorder (PTSD) and Parkinson’s disease).

Please see the lab website (www.vijayan.neuroscience.vt.edu) for more

Candidates should have a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, computer science,
engineering, neuroscience, psychology, or a related field. Strong
programming skills and/or prior experience in modeling would be an asset.
Interested candidates should send a CV, a statement of research interests,
and the contact information for three references to svijayan9 at gmail.com.

Arrangements can be made to meet with candidates at the Society for
Neuroscience conference in Washington, D.C.

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