[Comp-neuro] Tenure-Track Faculty positions in Robotics at ENSTA ParisTech (with possible integration in the joint Inria-Ensta ParisTech Flowers lab)

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Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty positions in Robotics at ENSTA ParisTech (with possible integration in the joint Inria-Ensta ParisTech Flowers lab)

Position description

The Computer Science and System Engineering (U2IS) at ENSTA ParisTech is opening several tenured and non-tenured faculty positions in the field of robotics.

The candidates will be recruited in the Autonomous Systems and Robotics research team (ASR), inside the U2IS laboratory. ASR dedicates itself to the development of technological systems with strong autonomy and high dependability, focusing in particular on learning, perception, navigation, human-robot interaction for assistive robotics and intelligent vehicles. The candidates will lead research and innovation activities on one or several of the following themes:

navigation, SLAM, localization, planning and control
perception, computer vision, image processing
machine learning, deep learning, developmental and cognitive robotics
system architecture for autonomous vehicles.
These activities should be conducted in the application areas of intelligent vehicles or assistive/service robotics, in link with the other members of the team. In particular, candidates could be integrated in the joint ENSTA ParisTech-INRIA FLOWERS team (http://flowers.inria.fr). The candidates are expected to participate in the development of partnerships, collaborations and contractual relations in his domain, particularly in partnership with industry. Inquiries about the scientific context of the position can be directed to David Filliat (david.filliat at ensta-paristech.fr) or Bruno Monsuez (bruno.monsuez at ensta-paristech.fr).

Faculty duties include teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, research, and supervision of student research. Basic knowledge, or willingness to learn french language are required as part of the teaching will be in french. Candidates must have the ability to develop a leading research program with a focus on technology development and translation into concrete applications of robotics or Intelligent Vehicles.


ENSTA ParisTech is one of the most renowned French institutes of engineering education and research (Grande Ecole). Located in Palaiseau, it offers graduate level scientific education, excellent research facilities and a broad international network. It is a founding member of Paris-Saclay University, a federal university composed of 19 institutions (Universities, Grandes Ecoles, Research organisms). Large companies have also settled their research center in this area so that by 2020, this scientific cluster, the largest in France, will gather up to 15% of French research.

Requirements for applying for tenured position are: possession of a doctoral university degree, excellent skills in teaching and research, completed habilitation (post-doctoral degree) or comparable research experience, obtained as part of an academic or non-academic position.

Requirements for applying for non-tenured position are: possession of a doctoral university degree, a good teaching experience, have a strong publication record, and have experience with conduction research projects. The successful candidates will be expected to conduct high quality research, teach to a diverse and talented student body, and secure competitive external funding.

The complete application package required includes:

a curriculum vitae including a list of publications;
a brief statement explaining the candidate's contribution to their best two publications, with embedded links to the publications in pdf format;
a research statement;
a teaching statement including a list of lectures the candidate could teach;
the names and email addresses of three references.
Applications should be sent to: Bruno Monsuez (bruno.monsuez at ensta-paristech.fr). The positions will open on March 30th, 2017 and the selection process will continue until the position is filled.


ENSTA ParisTech
Official position description (in French)
Autonomous Systems and Robotics team


Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
Research director, Inria
Head of Flowers Lab
Inria and Ensta ParisTech, France

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