[Comp-neuro] Call for Papers Brain-Inspired Intelligence Technology

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Call for Papers

Special issue of the Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 


Brain-Inspired Intelligence Technology

Guest Editors: R.J. Martis, H. Lin, E. Barakova and Y. Zeng

Brain-inspired intelligence technology aims to showcase the principles and mechanisms of human intelligence through development of brain-inspired intelligent systems. It is an effort to extract, integrate and analyse these principles and mechanisms across scale from quantum neuroscience to cognitive science research in pioneering the next wave of sentient technologies. The special issue is unprecedented, showcasing brain-inspired technology beyond 2020.

Deadline for submission:25 November 2017
How to Submit: Authors are requested to submit their manuscript via the submission system available at http://msTracker.com/submit1.php?jc=jin
In the “Cover Letter” box please indicate you are submitting your paper to the special issue on Brain-Inspired Intelligence Technology

Topics of relevance include:

* Biophysical neural networks
* Brain-inspired cognitive models
* Wetware design
* Neurophotonics
* Elemental conscious constructs
* Quantum entanglement in agents
* Cognitive technology supporting brain-inspired intelligence * Brain connectome based on optical nanoscopy technology * Observer-independent intelligence
* Pico-scale resolution patch-clamping
* Brain-inspired super and general artificial intelligence
* New deep neural networks for brain-inspired learning
* Brain-inspired intelligent hardware infrastructures
* Cognitive neurorobotics

For more information contact:

Yi Zeng, Ph.D
Deputy Director
Research Center for Brain-inspired Intelligence Institute of Automation
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China, 100190
Email: yi.zeng at ia.ac.cn
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