[Comp-neuro] 1st Conference of the Timing Research Forum - Call for Abstracts

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Sun Mar 5 11:39:44 CET 2017

Dear list members,

The call for abstracts and symposium proposals for the 1st Conference of
the Timing Research Forum <http://timingforum.org/> (TRF1) is now open.
TRF1 is the first international conference dedicated to multidisciplinary
research on timing and time perception and will be held in *Strasbourg,
France from October 23-25, 2017*.

The deadline to submit both abstracts and symposium proposals is *May 1,
2017*. During the submission process, please indicate if you wish to
present an oral or poster presentation, and express your interest for
student travel awards. All selected abstracts will be published in the
journal, Timing and Time Perception Reviews

We are pleased to announce three impressive Keynote Speakers -

*Warren Meck* <https://psychandneuro.duke.edu/people/warren-h-meck>:
   Professor, Duke University

*Lera Boroditsky* <http://lera.ucsd.edu/>:     Associate Professor,
University of California San Diego

*Sofia Soares* <http://www.neuro.fchampalimaud.org/en/person/175/>:
  PhD Candidate, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Sofia will present her paper
<http://science.sciencemag.org/content/354/6317/1273.long> - Soares, S.,
Atallah, B. V. & Paton, J. J. (2016) *Midbrain dopamine neurons control
judgment of time*. *Science* 354, 1273–1277, that was selected by the TRF
Committee <http://timingforum.org/committee-members/> as the 'Best Timing
Paper of 2016'.

We thank our current sponsors - Wellcome Trust, INSERM, CNRS, Neuropole
Strasbourg, FMTS and the University of Strasbourg and look forward to
further proposals of sponsorship. Our sponsorship booklet is available here

Anyone interested in *joining the Timing Research Forum* can do so by
following the instructions at this link <http://timingforum.org/membership>

For further details about submission guidelines, conference program,
registration, accommodation etc., please visit the conference website -

We look forward to seeing you in Strasbourg!

Anne Giersch & Jenny Coull

Conference Co-Chairs

trf.strasbourg at orange.fr


Sundeep Teki & Argiro Vatakis

(On behalf of Timing Research Forum)


Sundeep Teki PhD
Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow
Auditory Neuroscience Group
Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics
University of Oxford
Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PT
sundeepteki.org | @sundeepteki <https://twitter.com/sundeepteki>
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