[Comp-neuro] ICAM-I2CAM Symposium on Mathematical and computational approaches to the 'Big Data' challenge in neuron-glia interactions

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Dear colleagues,
please share with your peers, students and whoever may be interested.

We would like to invite you to the forthcoming ICAM-I2CAM
<http://icam-i2cam.org/> Symposium on "*Mathematical and computational
approaches to the 'Big Data' challenge in neuron-glia interactions*"

hold in Edinburgh, UK on *July 9, 2017* during the XIII Euroglia meeting

The aim of the symposium is to bridge between experiments and modeling
studies in in quantitative research on glia.

The symposium hosts a panel of four internationally renowned scientists
with multidisciplinary expertise in physics, engineering, quantitative
biology and statistics, whose shared research interests are in developing
computational approaches to study different types of glia:
oligodendrocytes, astrocytes and microglia. The four speakers will discuss
some of the latest findings of current quantitative research on neuron-glia
interactions, providing a concise, mind-provoking overview of the open
challenges in the field.

Symposium program <http://www.glia2017.eu/?s=meeting-schedule>

David Attwell (University College London, UK)
Tuning of axonal conduction speed by myelinated axon morphology

Maurizio De Pittà (The University of Chicago, USA)
Conditions for the observation of regulation of synaptic transmission by

Elena Galea (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)
Spatial analysis of astrocytes in health and in Alzheimer’s disease

Levi Wood (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Multivariate regression profiling of cytokines in Alzheimer´s disease

Symposium details
ICAM-I2CAM Symposium on "*Mathematical and computational approaches to the
'Big Data' challenge in neuron-glia interactions*", Kilsyth Room,
International Conference Center, Edinburgh, UK, July 9, 2017, 10am-12pm.
The Institute for Complex and Adaptive Matter (ICAM-I2CAM
<http://icam-i2cam.org/index.php/about>) is a trans-academic International
Research Institute with a rich research agenda focusing on the study of
matter to understand emergent behaviors. ICAM-I2CAM is constituted of 70+
universities worldwide and offers interesting founding opportunities to its
members for Educational and Research programs as well as for the
organization of scientific events. To find out more, please visit ICAM-I2CAM
homepage <http://icam-i2cam.org/index.php>.

Maurizio De Pitta'
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