[Comp-neuro] PhD student candidate, “Multi-scale epileptic networks”

Paolo Bonifazi paol.bonifazi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 21:05:36 CEST 2017

Thank you for your attention - I apologize for possible multiple posting.

At the Biocruces Health Research Institute (Bilbao, Spain) we are looking
for a PhD student to develop and carry on a project entitled “Multi-scale
epileptic networks”, financed by the Spanish Ministry (MINECO) and leaded
by Dr. Paolo Bonifazi (Ikerbasque Tenure Track Researcher at Biocruces,
member of the Computational Neuroimaging laboratory leaded by Prof. J.
Cortes; http://www.jesuscortes.info) in collaboration with the Cruces
University Hospital (Bilbao, Spain), the Ruber International Hospital
(Madrid, Spain) and the University of Bari (Italy; Dr. S. Stramaglia).

The project, aimed at studying longitudinally the multi-scale topology of
human epileptic networks, combines electrophysiological data recorded
through deep electrodes (implanted in epileptic patients undergoing
surgery), with functional and diffusion MRI (acquired before the electrodes
implant and post surgery after about six and twelve months). Depending on
the interest of the candidates, the project might also involve epileptic
animal model studies (using optogenetics, in-vivo electrophysiology and/or
high field MRI, in collaboration with other local research institutions).

The motivated Spanish or International candidates, possibly with a
background in either Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Engineering,
should contact as soon as possible (best if within Wednesday the 20th of
June) Dr. Paolo Bonifazi (paol.bonifazi at gmail.com or
paolo.bonifazi at osakidetza.eus), for detailed information. The PhD
fellowship (for a maximum of 4 years) is funded by the Basque Government
and the Ikerbasque Foundation (http://www.ikerbasque.net/). Deadline for
the PhD fellowship application is 2nd of July.


Paolo Bonifazi, PhD

Ikerbasque Tenure Track Researcher

Computational Neuroimaging Laboratory

Biocruces Health Research Institute

Hospital Universitario Cruces

Plaza de Cruces, s/n E-48903. Barakaldo, Spain

Tel +34 94 600 6000 (ext. 5298)

Email: paol.bonifazi at gmail.com; paolo.bonifazi at osakidetza.eus

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