[Comp-neuro] Human Brain Project: calls are open to join the project in the next project phase

"Lührs, Anna" a.luehrs at fz-juelich.de
Thu Jul 27 10:15:00 CEST 2017

Dear colleagues,

As most of you know, the Human Brain Project (HBP) is a Horizon2020 FET Flagship project with a duration of 10 years. One of the main objectives is to build and operate a European Scientific Research Infrastructure for brain research, cognitive neuroscience and other brain-inspired sciences. 

The HBP recently opened four Calls for Expression of Interest (CEoI), through which new partners can join the HBP Consortium in the next project phase, April 2018 - March 2020. One of the Calls is about "Co-designing the HBP digital infrastructure for advancing the understanding of multilevel brain organisation”. The available budget of EUR 1,839,424.00 will be split between two selected proposals. The submission deadline for this and the others calls is 30 September 2017, 17:00 CEST. 

More information about the call mentioned above: http://opencalls.humanbrainproject.eu/forms/16/overview <http://opencalls.humanbrainproject.eu/forms/16/overview>
The overview of all open calls is published here: https://www.humanbrainproject.eu/en/collaborate/open-calls/ <https://www.humanbrainproject.eu/en/collaborate/open-calls/>

Questions regarding the CEoI about co-designing the HBP infrastructure can be sent to: codesigning-hbp at opencalls.humanbrainproject.eu <mailto:codesigning-hbp at opencalls.humanbrainproject.eu>

Best regards,
Anna Lührs

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