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Dear all,

We cordially invite you to attend our workshop at CNS2017, Thursday July 20:

“Recent Developments in Epilepsy Modelling”

Epilepsy is a chronic disease of the CNS characterized by the occurrence of seizures. It affects ~1% of the people worldwide, and ⅓ of the affected population does not respond to anticonvulsant drugs. This limited success of anticonvulsant treatment is, in part, due to our limited understanding of the underlying mechanisms that are responsible for the pathological behavior.

Translational research can play an important role in the unravelling of the mechanisms that may be responsible. As more and better experimental data become available, it is important to be able to integrate these data with modeling approaches in order to test hypotheses and to improve insight and produce more individualized models.

In this workshop a number of active researchers in the field come together to discuss their latest results ranging from computational models on different scales to statistical methods to evaluate the use of biomarkers.

Victor Jirsa, Fabrice Wendling, Wytse Wadman, Geertjan Huiskamp, Jurgen Hebbink, Bill Lytton, Peter Taylor, Stiliyan Kalitzin, Marc Goodfellow and Stephan van Gils.

For details visit:

With kind regards,
Wim van Drongelen en Stephan van Gils

Prof. Dr. S.A. (Stephan) van Gils
Department of Applied Mathematics
University of Twente
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