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Joseph Lizier joseph.lizier at sydney.edu.au
Sun Jul 16 23:49:33 CEST 2017

Dear all,

Please note that the final schedule and speaker abstracts are available
for the following workshop at CNS*2017 in Antwerp this week:

Workshop on Methods of Information Theory in Computational Neuroscience 
19 and 20 July 2017

Methods originally developed in Information Theory have found wide
applicability in computational neuroscience. Beyond these original
methods there is a need to develop novel tools and approaches that are
driven by problems arising in neuroscience. A number of researchers in
computational/systems neuroscience and in information/communication
theory are investigating problems of information representation and
processing. While the goals are often the same, these researchers bring
different perspectives and points of view to a common set of
neuroscience problems. Often they participate in different fora and
their interaction is limited. The goal of the workshop is to bring some
of these researchers together to discuss challenges posed by
neuroscience and to exchange ideas and present their latest work. The
workshop is targeted towards computational and systems neuroscientists
with interest in methods of information theory as well as
information/communication theorists with interest in neuroscience.

Wed 19 July (Room C.101):

      * 09:00  Raul Vicente, University of Tartu -- "Estimating and
        applying partial information decomposition to complex systems" 
      * 09:45  Jil Meier, Delft University of Technology -- "The
        epidemic spreading model and the direction of information flow
        in brain networks"
      * 11:00  Karl Friston, University College London -- "Active
        inference and artificial curiosity" 
      * 11:45  Taro Toyoizumi, RIKEN Brain Science Institute -- "A Local
        Learning Rule for Independent Component Analysis" 
      * 14:00  Fleur Zeldenrust, Radboud Universiteit -- "Estimating the
        information extracted by a single spiking neuron from a
        continuous input time series"
      * 14:30  Pedro Martinez Mediano, Imperial College London --
        "Integrated Information Theory Without the Hot Air" 
      * 15:00  Mehrdad Salmasi, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
        "Information rate of a synapse during short-term depression" 
      * 16:00  Tatjana Tchumatchenko, Max Planck Institute for Brain
        Research, Frankfurt -- "Information coding of mean and variance
        modulating signals in cortical neurons" 
      * 16:45  Renaud Jolivet, University of Geneva -- "Energy-efficient
        information transfer at synapses" 
      * 17:30  Rodrigo Cofre, University of Geneva and Universidad de
        Valparaíso -- "Information Entropy Production and Large
        deviations of Maximum Entropy Processes from Spike Trains" 

Thu 20 July (Room C.101):

      * 09:00  Lionel Barnett, University of Sussex -- "Information
        Transfer in Continuous and Discrete Time" 
      * 09:45  Joseph T. Lizier, The University of Sydney "An estimator
        for transfer entropy between spike trains" 
      * 11:00  Viola Priesemann, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and
        Self-organization, Goettingen -- "Quantifying Information
        Storage and Modification in Neural Recordings" 
      * 11:45  Demain Battaglia, Aix-Marseille University -- "Discrete
        information processing states in anesthetized rat recordings" 
      * 14:00  Selin Aviyente, Michigan State University "Directed
        Information: Application to EEG during cognitive control" 
      * 14:45  Adrià Tauste, Universitat Pompeu Fabra -- "Directed
        information flow within the thalamo-cortical network" 
      * 16:00  Daniele Marinazzo, University of Ghent -- "Synergy and
        redundancy in dynamical systems: towards a practical and
        operative definition" 
      * 16:45  Lubomir Kostal, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
        -- "Reference frame independence as a constraint on the mutual
        information decomposition" 
      * 17:30  Robin Ince, University of Glasgow -- "Quantifying
        representational interactions in neuroimaging and
        electrophysiological data using information theory" 

Joseph T. Lizier -- chair, The University of Sydney
Viola Priesemann, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and
Justin Dauwels, Nanyang Technological University
Taro Toyoizumi, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Alexander G. Dimitrov, Washington State University
Lubomir Kostal, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Michael Wibral, Goethe University, Frankfurt

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