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Dear all,

We invite you to attend our workshop an CNS2017 tthis year.

"Neurona*l Oscillations: mechanisms and functionality"*

Oscillations at various frequency ranges have been observed in several
brain structures (hippocampus, entorhinal cortex, olfactory bulb and
others). They are believed to be important for cognitive functions such as
learning, memory, navigation and attention. These rhythms have been studied
at the single cell level, as the result of the interaction of a neuron’s
intrinsic properties, at the network level, as the result of the
interaction between the participating neurons and neuronal populations in a
given brain region, and at higher levels of organization involving several
of these regions. Recent advances in this field have benefited from the
interaction between experiment and theory, and models with varying levels
of detail.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together modelers,
experimentalists and theorists with the goal of sharing and discussing
their current results and ideas on the underlying mechanisms that govern
the generation of these rhythms at various levels of organization, and
their functional implications.

An additional goal is to discuss what we mean by an explanation in the
context of this workshop. To this end, speakers will be encouraged to
address this issue from the perspective of Aristotle's four causes
(efficient, material, formal and final causes)
Please see 'What is computational neuroscience? (XVI) What is an
explanation?' <http://romainbrette.fr/2013/06/>.

Day 1: F Skinner, J White, M Bezaire, V Cutsuridis, J Guzman, L Rubchinsky,
D Levenstein, F Battaglia, M Bartos, J Mejias
Day 2: C. Borgers, C Canavier, M Cunningham, J Lefebvre, A Peyrache,  H
Rotstein, B Pesaran, A Saudargiene

For more details, please visit

Thank you,
Frances (on behalf of the organizers)

Frances Skinner, PhD
Krembil Research Institute/UHN and Univ Toronto
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