[Comp-neuro] 2 PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience / comp linguistics, Uni Birmingham, UK

Uta Noppeney U.Noppeney at bham.ac.uk
Tue Jul 11 13:56:24 CEST 2017

The Computational Cognitive Neuroimaging Group at the University of 
Birmingham, UK, is seeking two enthusiastic PhD candidates with strong 
analytical and quantitative abilities for the projects:

1. Robust audiovisual speech recognition  in man and machine


2. Who does what to whom - Syntactic parsing in man and machine

Applicants should have a background in computer science, neuroscience, 
computational linguistics, psychology, physics or related areas. Prior 
experience in statistical analysis and/or machine learning would be an 

The PhD positions are open to UK and EU nationals. A full 4 year 
studentship award comprises of an annual stipend at £14,553 for 2017/18 
(pro rota for part-time) and full payment of tuition fees at UK/EU level 
of £4,195 in 2017/18. Application deadline 28th July 2017.

For further information, please see 
links above or email Prof Uta Noppeney (U.Noppeney at bham.ac.uk)
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