[Comp-neuro] 3 Phd/PostDoc position PhD position Industrial Robotics and Design of Electronics Equipment - University of Cadiz (Spain).

Arturo Morgado arturo.morgado at uca.es
Mon Jul 10 19:17:35 CEST 2017

University of Cadiz (Spain) are available 3 Phd/PostDoc position at the Applied Robotics Research Group to participate in R&D collaborative projects with companies.


You can find details here:

 <http://vrteit.uca.es/convocatorias/personal-conv/programa-de-atraccion-de-talento/> http://vrteit.uca.es/convocatorias/personal-conv/programa-de-atraccion-de-talento/


Doctorates with experience in the field of transference and innovation in Industrial Robotics and Design of Electronics Equipment. A minimum of 15-year seniority in their grade (Distinguished Researcher) is required for 1 of them (VTIT‐IDROB‐4 position). For the 2 remaining (ASCETI) the minimum applied is two years since the completion of the doctoral thesis (VTIT‐AROB‐13 and VITI‐ADEE‐17 positions). Candidates must speak Spanish and English.


Contracts will have a duration of 4 years with a gross salary of 52000 EUR per year plus a yearly bonus of 3000 EUR, in the case of the young researcher (ASCETI), for reaching a minimum of objectives. In the case of the Distinguished Researcher, this amount will rise up to 100.000 EUR.


The researchers object of the contract, will be part of a multidisciplinary team and will undertake industrial development, research and innovation projects for the University of Cádiz (Spain) in collaboration with companies of international scope in the area of Cadiz.


Moreover, each researcher will be mentoring a doctoral candidate (who will hold a pre-doctoral contract) and will be his/her Thesis Director.


The areas of work are as follows: Industrial Robotics and Design of Electronics Equipment.


The period established for receiving application goes from 30th of June to 19th of July 2017. 

The incorporation of the researcher in the University of Cádiz is due in September 2017.


Please, click on the following  <http://www.uca.es/personal/portal.do?TR=C&IDR=288> http://www.uca.es/personal/portal.do?TR=C&IDR=288 in order to submit your application form.


Any question don’t hesitate to contact us:   <mailto:industrial.innovation at uca.es> industrial.innovation at uca.es and  <mailto:arturo.morgado at uca.es> arturo.morgado at uca.es.


Best regards.



Arturo Morgado Estévez.  <mailto:arturo.morgado at uca.es> arturo.morgado at uca.es

Head Applied Robotics Research Group. TEP-940.

Department of Engineering in Automation, Electronics, Architecture and Computer Networks.

Faculty of Engineering. University of Cadiz (Spain).

Avenida de la Universidad de Cádiz, nº 10, CP 11519, Puerto Real (Cádiz), Spain.

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