[Comp-neuro] [call for papers] Entropy: special issue on "Information Theory in Neuroscience"

Eugenio Piasini eugenio.piasini at iit.it
Mon Jul 10 10:41:36 CEST 2017

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Dear all,

The journal Entropy is currently running a Special Issue entitled 
"Information Theory in Neuroscience", that we believe could be of 
interest for the members of this list.

As the ultimate information processing device, the brain naturally lends 
itself to be studied with information theory. Application of information 
theory to neuroscience has spurred the development of principled 
theories of brain function, has led to advances in the study of 
consciousness, and to the development of analytical techniques to crack 
the neural code, that is to unveil the language used by neurons to 
encode and process information. In particular, advances in experimental 
techniques enabling precise recording and manipulation of neural 
activity on a large scale now enable for the first time the precise 
formulation and the quantitative test of hypotheses about how the brain 
encodes and transmits across areas the information used for specific 

This Special Issue emphasizes contributions on novel approaches in 
neuroscience using information theory, and on the development of new 
information theoretic results inspired by problems in neuroscience. 
Research work at the interface of neuroscience, Information Theory and 
other disciplines is also welcome.

Deadline for manuscript submission: 1 December 2017

For more information:

Eugenio Piasini and Stefano Panzeri, Italian Institute of Technology
Guest Editors

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