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Francesca Martini/NSAS francesca.martini at nsas.it
Mon Jan 16 12:51:34 CET 2017

I would like to post in the mailing list about the following Workshop:


Advanced Course: 

Connectomics. April 22-26, 2017.

Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies

Siena, Italy.


Coordinator: Sean Hill (Switzerland)


This Advanced Course will focus on multi-scale aspects of the connectome and
will cover the cellular basis of connectivity; large-scale data gathering
and data analysis of whole brain connectivity across scales; data
integration of multimodal connectome data; data-driven computational
modeling and simulation at different scales of brain circuitry; the
development of the connectome and its link to behavior and neurological
disorders;  predicting whole brain dynamics from the connectome; the
relationship between the connectome and the diversity of brain states and

Further information:



Kind regards,



The Course Secretariat

Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies

Certosa di Pontignano

Via di Pontignano 5, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena. Italy

Tel. +39.0577.146.0003


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