[Comp-neuro] master in Brain and Cognition, with focus on Computational Neuroscience and Data Analysis, Barcelona

Ruben Moreno Bote ruben.moreno at upf.edu
Thu Feb 23 08:06:23 CET 2017

Dear Comp-neuro members,

The Master in Brain and Cognition being offered at Pompeu Fabra University
(UPF), Barcelona Spain (http://www.upf.edu/mbc/) opens the rolling
application period.

The core of the master's programme is composed of the research groups at
UPF's Center for Brain and Cognition (http://cbc.upf.edu). In this email,
we emphasize the possibility of participation of outstanding candidates
with strong quantitative background, such as physics, mathematics or
machine learning eager to learn about computational and cognitive
neuroscience. Candidates with these backgrounds could perform research
activity with the following experts in computational neuroscience:

Gustavo Deco (http://cns.upf.edu/)

Albert Compte (http://complab.fcrb.es/complab/pres)

Rubén Moreno-Bote (https://portal.upf.edu/web/ruben-moreno-bote)

Overall, the groups participating at the Master are directed by renowned
scientists in areas such as computational neuroscience, cognitive
neuroscience, psycholinguistics, vision, multisensory perception,
human development and comparative cognition https://www.upf.edu/mbc/who_

Students will be exposed to the ongoing research projects at the Center
for Brain and Cognition and will be integrated in one of its main research
lines, where they will conduct original research for their final project.

Please visit the Master’s web page or contact mbc at upf.edu for further
information. Scientific-related questions such as fit of quantitative
backgrounds can be consulted to ruben.moreno at upf.edu

Rubén Moreno-Bote

Rubén Moreno Bote
Serra Húnter Professor
Center for Brain and Cognition &
Dept. of Information and Communications Technologies
University Pompeu Fabra
Campus Ciutadella, Building 24, office 331
Ramon Trias Fargas, 24-27
08005 Barcelona, Spain
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