[Comp-neuro] Python Exercises and Online textbook: Neuronal Dynamics

Wulfram Gerstner wulfram.gerstner at epfl.ch
Tue Dec 19 13:32:07 CET 2017

We have  now finished a series of Python exercises for  the book

'Neuronal Dynamics - from single neurons to populations and Models of 
Cognition' by Gerstner-Kistler-Naud-Paninski (Cambridge Univ. Press)

To go directly to the exercises, click here


An html online version of the book for students (as well as  some 
teaching material for lecturers) is available here:

http://neuronaldynamics.epfl.ch <http://neuronaldynamics.epfl.ch/index.html>

The pdf of the e-book and printed versions of the book are available via 
Amazon or  Cambridge Univ. Press.

The series of exercises has been tested in classes at the EPFL, but we 
thought that they might be also useful for  students at other places,

best regards

Wulfram Gerstner, Alex Seeholzer, Marco Lehmann

EPFL, Switzerland

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