[Comp-neuro] Operations Research in Neuroscience, Special Issue of Annals of Operations Research

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Tue Dec 19 06:23:00 CET 2017

Dear colleagues,

[apologies for any crossposting]

I would like to bring your attention to the special issue on applications
of *Operations Research in Neuroscience* recently published in* Annals of
Operations Research* Volume *258* Number 1 (Springer). ISSN: 0254-5330
(Print) 1572-9338 (Online)

The volume is available online:

Please find the table of contents below.

After a positive response from the journal and the publisher, we are
planning to announce another special issue (SI) on the same topic in the
same journal early next year. Please let me know if you are interested in
contributing to this SI.

Best Regards,
Ruben Tikidji-Hamburayn, Ph.D.


*Operations research in neuroscience*
Erik Kropat, Ruben A. Tikidji-Hamburyan… Pages 1-4

OR in Neuroscience
*A bi-objective network design approach for discovering functional modules
linking Golgi apparatus fragmentation and neuronal death*
Eduardo Álvarez-Miranda, Hesso Farhan, Martin Luipersbeck… Pages 5-30

OR in Neuroscience
*Voxel-MARS: a method for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease by
classification of structural brain MRI*
Alper Çevik, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, B. Murat Eyüboğlu… Pages 31-57

OR in Neuroscience
*A semi-supervised inattention detection method using biological signal*
Yerim Choi, Jonghun Park, Dongmin Shin Pages 59-78

*Structure preserving integration and model order reduction of
skew-gradient reaction–diffusion systems*
Bülent Karasözen, Tuğba Küçükseyhan, Murat Uzunca Pages 79-106

OR in Neuroscience
*Totally model-free actor-critic recurrent neural-network reinforcement
learning in non-Markovian domains*
Eiji Mizutani, Stuart Dreyfus Pages 107-131

OR in Neuroscience
*A comparative stationarity analysis of EEG signals*
V. Rasoulzadeh, E. C. Erkus, T. A. Yogurt, I. Ulusoy… Pages 133-157

OR in Neuroscience
*Anti-periodic solutions for state-dependent impulsive recurrent neural
networks with time-varying and continuously distributed delays*
Mustafa Şaylı, Enes Yılmaz Pages 159-185
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