[Comp-neuro] Connectome to Behaviour Discussion Meeting, London January 29th-31st 2018

Stephen Larson stephen at openworm.org
Wed Dec 13 15:17:04 CET 2017

Hi all,

   The Royal Society is hosting a 2-day discussion meeting on the
topic of *Connectome
to behaviour: modelling C. elegans at cellular resolution*.  The meeting is
an interdisciplinary look at the future of data collection for and
simulation of the only complete adult nervous system that has been mapped
at EM resolution.  Free registration is available on the website:


   Additional events related to the OpenWorm Foundation (http://openworm.org)
will occur the day following the discussion meeting, also in London.  More
details available here:


    Please register for any events you plan to attend so we can get a good
head count.  I hope to see you in London!



Stephen D. Larson, Ph.D
OpenWorm Project Director
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