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IEEE WCCI / IJCNN 2018 Special Session: Cognition and Development

8-13 July 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Important dates:

15th January 2018 – Paper Submission
15th March 2018 – Paper Acceptance
1st May 2018 – Final Paper Submission
8-13 July 2018 – IEEE WCCI / IJCNN 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Scope and Topics

The special session aims at the presentation of the latest results in
the investigation of machine learning and cognitive robotics models
that are taking inspiration from our understanding of sensorimotor,
cognitive, and social development in humans and other animals.

The aim is twofold: On the one hand, the special session provides a
platform for presenting insights about the functions and processes
underlying developmental learning. On the other hand, it encourages
discussion of the role of developmental aspects in learning, in
particular in the light of the ongoing success of deep learning

Relevant research questions include:

– How can deep learning models be improved by including
   developmental processes, such as intrinsic motivation,
   sensorimotor exploration, or social learning and interaction?

– Is current deep learning methodology suited for autonomous
   and open-ended learning in cognitive robots? Or will it be
   necessary to consider developmental processes, and if so,
   which ones?

– What are the mechanisms that allow a child or robot to
   autonomously develop cognitive capabilities?

– How does the social and physical environment, with which the
   child interacts, shape and scaffold the child’s developing
   cognitive skills and knowledge? And how can machine learning
   systems (including cognitive robots) exploit these
   beneficial factors?

– What is the relative contribution of Nature and Nurture in
   the development of human and machine intelligence?

– What do qualitative stages during development, and body and
   brain maturational changes, tell us about the mechanisms and
   principles supporting development?

The special session also encourages submissions of relevant research
on cognition and development from other disciplines, such as child
psychology, developmental linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, and
interdisciplinary approaches to cognition and development.

List of main topics:

– developmental robotics
– epigenetic robotics
– developmental deep learning
– neuro-robotics
– bio-inspired and cognitive robotics
– cognitive modelling
– intrinsic motivation
– sensorimotor development
– cognitive development
– social development
– language acquisition

Submission Guidelines:

Please follow the general submission guidelines of the IEEE WCCI /
IJCNN 2018 (see http://www.ecomp.poli.br/~wcci2018/). Please make sure
to select the Special Session "Cognition and Development" as the "Main
Research Topic" of your submission.


Nikolas J. Hemion, SoftBank Robotics Europe, Paris, France
Anna-Lisa Vollmer, Bielefeld University, Germany
Angelo Cangelosi, Plymouth University, UK
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Inria Bordeaux, France

Nikolas Hemion, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher, AI Lab Manager
SoftBank Robotics Europe
43 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia
75015 PARIS



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