[Comp-neuro] Memory GATE opens early for 2 theoretical PhD students at SISSA

Alessandro Treves ale at sissa.it
Wed Aug 23 11:35:28 CEST 2017

Memory research: Ground-breaking, Applied, and Technological Exchanges is
an EU-funded Innovative Training Network coordinated by Francesco Battaglia
and including groups at the Radboud (Nijmegen), UCLondon, NTNU-Trondheim,
INSERM & AMU (Marseille), Weizmann, Janssen Pharma and SISSA, which will
host 15 PhD students on projects taking different approaches to hippocampal
memory functions, starting in early 2018. The two theorists to be hosted at
SISSA, however, have to be admitted to its Cognitive Neuroscience PhD, by
attending the exam in Trieste on Sept 11-12, 2017, see http://www.sissa.it
          ----------- Deadline August 31st, 2017 ---------------
Ideal candidates, who can be of any nationality but must not have spent
much time in Italy in the last 3 years, enjoy analytical, mathematical and
computational excursions when seeking fundamental network understanding.
Those admitted will be awarded a SISSA fellowship for the first few months,
and later a much higher, EU-set M-GATE fellowship once the ITN operates.

Feel free to inquire about limbo (then please send a CV) to ale at sissa.it
Alessandro Treves              http://people.sissa.it/~ale/limbo.html
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