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In the framework of SINAPSE II (http://www.sinapseinstitute.org/ <http://www.sinapseinstitute.org/>) , the Cognitive Engineering team will be launching new projects and several new job positions will be opened.

We are inviting researchers of any level with training and previous research experience in Neuroengineering, Computer Sciences and Experimental Psychology/Neuroscience to apply. 

Positions are available for Research Engineers and Scientist, Research Fellows. 

Those who are interested can send their CV with a motivation letter to Prof. Tassos Bezerianos (email address tassos.bezerianos at nus.edu.sg <mailto:tassos.bezerianos at nus.edu.sg>).

Below the framework  of the research  era

Job Description

EEG signals, behavioural data, physiological data (e.g., heart rate, GSR) and facial expression will be collected from participants while they are undertaking computerized tasks and/or virtual-reality games that of real-world complexity. Complex network models and advanced brain connectivity methodology will be applied for biomarkers extraction. Machine learning algorithms will be used to extract and model relevant features from the multimodal data to arrive at an objective and accurate assessment of performance (i.e., individual continuous training portfolio). The next generation training system will be a closed loop, representing learning that takes place continuously both ways between the computer system and the user. 

Research Skills

•       Neuroergonomics/ Experimental Psychology training protocols and programing (e.g., E-prime, PsychoPy)

•       Past experience of multimodal Electrophysiological Signals (e.g., EEG, EMG, HRV and GSR) Processing and Analysis

•       Mapping and Analysis of Brain Networks Connectivity

•       Machine Learning Algorithms to understand brain electrophysiological data 

•       Computational Intelligence  and Neural Networks Algorithms in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroergonomics

•       Deep  Learning Algorithms with applications in  Human Machine Interactions

 Best regards


Anastasios Bezerianos, BS,MS,PhD
prof. University of Patras, Greece  
visit. prof. NUS, Singapore
visit. prof. UNSW, Canberra, Australia

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