[Comp-neuro] Fully funded PhD Position at IIT Rovereto - Computational approaches to study the neural code

Stefano Panzeri stefano.panzeri at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 11:33:31 CEST 2017

 We are seeking candidates for a fully funded PhD position at the Italian
Institute of Technology’s Neural Computation Laboratory (
http://cncs.iit.it/labs/neural-computation ) directed by Stefano Panzeri
and located in Rovereto (Trento), Italy. IIT collaborates with Università
degli studi di Trento and finances these positions at the PhD course in
Cognitive and Brain Sciences. The PhD project is entitled “Computational
approaches to study the neural code*”*

Interested candidates are invited to informally approach *as soon as
possible* Prof. Stefano Panzeri (stefano.panzeri at iit.it) by emailing their
CV and briefly explaining their interest in this position. In order to
formally apply to the PhD Position, candidates will then need to refer to
the call published by Università degli Studi di Trento and available at the
following link:

*Deadline for formal application is 16 may 2017*

Topic description: Computational approaches to study the neural code.
This project will develop a mathematical analysis framework, based on the
principles of information theory, to identify neurons that transform
sensory information into behavioral choices. Ideally the candidate should
have a background in a numerate discipline and a keen interest in

For further information, please see Panzeri S, et al (2017) Cracking the
neural code for sensory perception by combining statistics, intervention
and behavior. Neuron 93: 491-507

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to both develop new
advanced methods and to analyze experimental data in collaboration with
experimental neuroscience laboratories. The applicant should have a strong
background in numerate sciences, and have a strong propensity for
interdisciplinary research. No extensive previous experience in
neuroscience is needed. However, a keen interest in understanding the brain
is essential.

For further information about the application see:

PhD Application summary:

PhD Application link: https://www5.unitn.it/Apply/en/Web/Home/dott

PhD Application deadline: *Tuesday May 16, 2017, at 4pm *(Italian time)


Stefano Panzeri
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