[Comp-neuro] Exciting opportunity in data analysis at the Allen Institute for Brain Science

Anton Arkhipov antona at alleninstitute.org
Wed Apr 12 22:12:29 CEST 2017

Dear Colleague,

A new Scientist position is open at the Allen Institute for Brain Science:
(or, see the posting "Scientist I - Data Analysis in Experiments and Models" at http://www.alleninstitute.org/what-we-do/brain-science/careers/job-search/).

This is an exciting opportunity to join a large team of experimentalists and modelers working together to improve our understanding of the cortex.  This scientist will be uniquely positioned to bridge our extensive, standardized experimental datasets (in vivo recordings as well as in vitro characterization of cortical cell types and connections) with datasets obtained from large-scale, data driven simulations of cortical activity and computations.  We are collecting vast amounts of data, and this position will be essential for converting such data to knowledge.

Please see the job description below.  Potential applicants should feel free to email Nathan Gouwens (nathang at alleninstitute.org<mailto:nathang at alleninstitute.org>) with any questions.  Applications should be submitted at the link above.

We are looking for excellent candidates!

Job description.

We are seeking a Scientist to be an essential team member in our ongoing efforts to investigate how the brain extracts and processes information. The core responsibility for this position will be the analysis of neural activity recorded in high-throughput electrophysiological and optophysiological experiments, as well as in large-scale, realistic simulations of the cortex. The major focus will be on characterizing detailed circuits in the visual cortex of the mouse, with a particular emphasis on bridging experimental and modeling work in a team setting.

Job Responsibilities:

*         In a close collaboration between experimentalists and modelers, work as a team member to analyze massive amounts of multimodal data representing visual responses in the cortex.

*         Develop and maintain analysis techniques and associated software tools, and contribute scientific ideas based on the analysis results.

*         Work closely with other team members to gain insights on the structure-function relationships in the specific cortical circuits investigated in depth via experiments and modeling.

*         Publish/present findings in peer-reviewed journals/scientific conferences.

*         Present a periodic summary of progress to the research community in the organization.

Basic Qualifications:

*         PhD degree in Neurobiology, Bioengineering, Biophysics or related discipline.

*         Strong computational/data analysis skills; in particular, substantial experience programming in Python and/or MATLAB.

*         Strong publication record.

*         Ability to meet aggressive timelines and deliverables in a collaborative environment.

*         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

*         Extensive experience in systems neuroscience (especially, being involved in experimental work) is preferred.

*         Experience with modeling is a plus.

Thank you!


Anton Arkhipov
Assistant Investigator
T: 206.548.8414
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