[Comp-neuro] announcement Trieste Encounters on Cognitive Science (TEX) 2017

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Mon Apr 3 15:30:01 CEST 2017

Dear all,

The* Trieste Encounters on Cognitive Science (TEX)* are a yearly summer
initiative by SISSA aiming at bringing together scientists from all over
the world at all levels of their careers to enjoy science, but also
sunshine, food & wine.

This year’s edition focuses on* time in the brain*. By looking at time as
percept but also as mechanism for perception, TEX 2017 will offer a broad
and multifaceted view on the neuroscience of time. To this purpose we
gather scientists who are studying time in the brain from different
perspectives (e.g. how time shapes our perception, how information is
processed over time, how time is perceived or misperceived) and using
distinct methodological approaches (from *animal**electrophysiology* to *human
neuroimaging*, from *computational modelling* to *psychophysics*).
TEX 2017 is a *summer school* for PhD students and Post-Docs. The idea is
to have classes on fundamentals provided by eight invited speakers who will
give talks on the established concepts and body of evidence in their own
field but to also have room for students and post-docs talks. You can
*apply *by clicking on the the following link

TEX2017 will take place between *Monday June 12 and Friday June 16, 2017*. It
will be held at *SISSA main campus*, via Bonomea 265, Trieste. Information
on how to reach us can be found *here* <http://www.sissa.it/how-reach-us>.
TEX2017 will feature *Marco Cicchini *(Pisa), *Ayelet Landau*
(Jerusalem), *Stefano
Panzeri* (Trento), *Warrick Roseboom* (Sussex), *Marshall Shuler *
(Baltimore), *Virginie van Wassenhove* (Paris), *Hedderik van Rijn*

We look forward to meeting you in Trieste next summer!

Domenica Bueti, Mathew Diamond and the TEX2017 team
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