[Comp-neuro] Winter School on the Mathematics of Memory in Barcelona, Spain

Alex Roxin ARoxin at crm.cat
Tue Sep 20 12:30:59 CEST 2016

Dear all,

We are happy to announce a winter school on the Mathematics of Memory, the "Memory School" which will 
take place Jan.16-20 2017 at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica in Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain.  This is a 
week-long intensive course on the biology and mathematics of memory, including plasticity, learning, 
working memory, long-term memory, hippocampal and cortical network mechanisms and more.  The confirmed 
school instructors are 

Nicolas Brunel	        University of Chicago
Shaul Druckmann	Janelia Research Campus
Wulfram Gerstner	Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience
Gianluigi Mongillo	CNRS
Sandro Romani	Janelia Research Campus
Harel Shouval 	        University of Texas
Misha Tsodyks   	Weizmann Institute of Science
Mark van Rossum 	University of Edinburgh

This course is appropriate for both junior and senior researchers.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to 
present their own work in a poster session.  For more information  and to register please go to the website 

The Memory School is the opening event of a two-month long Intensive Research Program on the Mathematics of 
Memory at the CRM in Barcelona, Spain.  Throughout the months of January and February there will be invited 
speakers, and the program will culminate in a week-long series of symposia on special topics on memory from 
leading experimentalists and theoreticians.  For more information please go to 

best regards,
Alex Roxin (and on behalf of the co-organizers Nicolas Brunel and Sandro Romani)

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