[Comp-neuro] Fellowships in Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania

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Mon Sep 5 17:37:01 CEST 2016

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience
University of Pennsylvania

The Computational Neuroscience Initiative (CNI, http://cni.upenn.edu 
<http://cni.upenn.edu/>) of the University of Pennsylvania seeks 
exceptional candidates for a CNI Postdoctoral Fellowship.  Candidates 
with strong quantitative skills from a variety of fields including 
neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, physics, mathematics, and 
engineering will be considered. The selected Fellows will join an 
inter-disciplinary research environment in historic Philadelphia.  CNI 
Fellows will be encouraged to foster collaborative research between 
multiple labs.

The CNI supports inter-disciplinary and collaborative research at the 
frontier of knowledge about the brain, behavior, and the mind. We focus 
on systems-level approaches that integrate theory and computation with 
experiment. Our members include faculty, post-docs, and students from 
multiple programs and departments including neurobiology, cognitive 
science, psychology, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, 
bioengineering, and computer science. Our research and training spans 
the three major elements of the field of Computational Neuroscience: 1) 
Theory – understanding the brain as an information-processing machine; 
2) Experiments – providing quantitative methods to aid in the design, 
implementation, analysis, and interpretation of empirical studies that 
probe all levels of brain function, from molecules to behavior; and 3) 
Applications – including robotics, brain-machine interfaces, and new 
clinical tools.

Applications should be submitted by email to compneuro at sas.upenn.edu 
<mailto:compneuro at sas.upenn.edu> and should consist of a CV and a cover 
letter stating the candidate's research experience and reasons for 
applying to this Fellowship. Please arrange for up two three letters of 
recommendation to be sent to the same email address with the candidate’s 
name in the subject line. Review of applications will occur on a rolling 
basis until the positions are filled

The University of Pennsylvania values diversity and seeks talented 
individuals from diverse backgrounds (http://jobs.hr.upenn.edu 

Vijay Balasubramanian, Director
David Brainard, Co-Director
Joshua Gold, Co-Director
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