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Dear All,

I would like to share with you the exciting news that my edited
volume "Closed Loop Neuroscience", has just been published by Academic
Press. The following is the link for the book:

This reference book gathers work from across neuroscience, which employs
closed loop methodologies, under the umbrella of what can be called “Closed
Loop Neuroscience”. The book is built on three axes: theoretical,
experimental and philosophical. The contributors come from a myriad of
disciplines from physics, mathematics, linguistics, neuroscience,
philosophy, engineering and computer science.

The following is the table of contents:

Theoretical Axis

1. Adaptive Bayesian methods for closed-loop neurophysiology
2. Information geometric analysis of neurophysiological data
3. Control theory for closed loop neurophysiology
4. Testing the theory of practopoiesis using closed loops
5. Local field potential analysis for closed loop neuromodulation
6. Online event detection requirements in closed-loop neuroscience
7. Closing Dewey's Circuit
8. Stochastic optimal control of spike times in single neurons
9. Hybrid systems neuroscience
10. Computational Complexity and the Function-Structure-Environment Loop of
the Brain
11. Subjective Physics
12. Contextual emergence in neuroscience

Experimental Axis

13. Closed loop methodologies for cellular electrophysiology
14. Bidirectional Brain-Machine Interfaces
15. Adaptive brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease
16. Closed loop neuroprosthetics
17. Closed Loop Limbic Neurostimulation
18. Conscious brain-to-brain communication

Philosophical Axis

19. Philosophical aspects of closed loop neuroscience
20. Closed Loops in Neuroscience and Computation: What It Means and Why It

Your feedback is very important for me so please let me know if you have
any comments about it. My email is ahady at princeton.edu.  I would really
appreciate if you recommend the book to your librarian, colleagues and
anyone you think might benefit from it.

I hope you will enjoy the book ,

All the best,

Ahmed El Hady

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