[Comp-neuro] Postdoc and PhD positions. In vivo electrophysiology, optogenetic and motor learning. Marseille

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Tue May 10 12:28:04 CEST 2016

A postdoctoral and a PhD positions funded by a Consolidator Grant from 
the European Research Council (ERC) are available in the group of David 
Robbe at the Institut de Neurobiologie de la Mediterrannée (INMED) in 
Marseille, France.

The Robbe Lab studies the neuronal bases of motor learning and motor 
control with a focus on the role of cortico-striatal system and the 
specific contribution(s) of selective striatal cell types. We perform 
electrophysiological recordings of spiking activity (using silicon 
probes, tetrode arrays and optrodes) and neuronal perturbation (lesions, 
inactivations, optogenetic stimulation) on rodents (mice or rats) 
engaged in original motor tasks. The tasks design allows high-throughput 
training of animals, manipulations of task constraints to understand the 
psychophysical determinants of performance and closed-loop optogenetic 
perturbation of neuronal activity.

The positions suit candidates highly motivated to perform large-scale 
electrophysiological and optrodes recordings in behaving rodents (mice 
or rats). The successful candidates should be genuinely interested  in 
understanding animal behavior, hardworking and capable to learn to 
perform delicate surgical procedures. A previous experience in either in 
vivo electrophysiology, optogenetic or data analysis  (using Python or 
Matlab) is expected. Applicants with quantitative (physics, maths) or 
engineering backgrounds willing to acquire experimental skills are 
encouraged to apply. For the postdoc position, the salary is initially 
granted for the first 2 years, and may be extended according to progress 
and available funding. The PhD position is funded for 3 years.
INMED is composed of several internationally renowned groups working on 
the development, function and pathology of neuronal circuits.

The scientific excellence of INMED and its outstanding location at the 
entrance of the National Park des Calanques provide a rich and 
stimulating working/living environment.

Applications (CV, a short statement of research interests and 
experience  (max. one page),  at least 2 reference letters) should be 
sent to david.robbe at inserm.fr.
Application will be considered until the positions are filled. The 
positions are available immediately and expected to start at the latest 
in fall 2016. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview at 
the INMED (travel expenses covered).

Relevant publication: Rueda-Orozco, PE and Robbe D (2015) The striatum 
multiplexes contextual and kinematic information to constrain motor 
habits execution. Nat Neurosci. 18:453-60.

Additional information on the research performed in the Robbe lab: 

     David Robbe, PhD
     Neuronal dynamics and functions of the basal ganglia
     Institut de Neurobiologie de la MEDiterrannee (INMED) INSERM-UMR901
     163, avenue de Luminy. BP13
     13273 Marseille Cedex 9


     Tel: +33 4 91 82 81 99
     Fax: +33 4 91 82 81 05

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge", Stephen Hawking

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