[Comp-neuro] Research Position: Brain Prosthesis Algorithms

Randal Koene randal.a.koene at gmail.com
Fri May 6 16:47:35 CEST 2016

Brain Prosthesis Algorithms

Brain science is the new rocket science.

We’re building algorithms and software to correct deficits and enhance
cognitive brain function using electrophysiology. We’re not making drugs or
creating a brain training game, we’re using a data driven method to create
neural prostheses to restore and enhance human cognitive performance. Join
us in this delicious engineering opportunity in developing probabilistic
kernel models of the hippocampus for a first application in memory.

What we’re looking for: a data & algorithms or machine learning specialist
with an exceptional aptitude for regularization and matrix algebra.
Potential projects include building classification and regression models
for neural spiking data, decoding of the spatio-temporal patterns of spikes
with respect to behavior, analyzing large-scale complex neural data,
building mixed model of point-process signals, and other data-driven
modeling projects. Working with the cross-disciplinary members of our team
which includes Professors at the University of Southern California (USC),
you would be driving a neural system identification modeling platform that
is pushing the state-of-the-art in neurocognitive therapeutics.

Self-taught or via formal education, we expect not only that you meet our
prerequisites on skills and mission alignment, but that you thrive in a
meritocracy of mutual peer review within a first-class team. We expect that
you take responsibility for your projects, demonstrate excellence, vision,
and diligent but creative invention.

You are the right person for this job if you are:


   Strong in linear algebra/matrices, basis transformations, model order /
   dimension reduction, numerical methods

   Strong in regression analysis, data analysis, nonlinear mathematical

   Results oriented, driven, flexible, adaptable, and have the courage to
   take on an ambitious project, because what matters most is to build a
   flourishing future

We’d also love it if you have skills and experience in:


   Either electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, statistics,
   computer science, computational neuroscience, or related fields

   Machine learning (e.g. Bayesian, deep learning), time series analysis,
   pattern recognition, and point-process signal processing is highly preferred

   Neural circuit modeling / exploration (e.g. discovering functional
   connectivity), control theory, system identification, compartmental neural
   modeling (e.g. NEURON)

   Python, Matlab, C/C++/C#, R, Linux/Unix

Exceptional team. Full-time. Benefits. Competitive compensation. Ground
breaking work.

To apply, please send an email with 1) CV (and list of publications) and 2)
contact information for 2-3 professional references to: Dr. Randal A. Koene
at brainprosthesis at gmail.com with a subject line “Brain Prosthesis
Algorithms application”.
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