[Comp-neuro] BMVA Workshop on "Vision for interaction: From humans to robots"

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Tue May 3 15:23:48 CEST 2016

VISION FOR INTERACTION: From humans to robots

One Day BMVA symposium - London, UK on October 19, 2016
Website: www.bmva.org/meetings

Keynote Speakers: 

+ Prof. Antonia Hamilton  (UCL) and
+ Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos (Univ. of Maryland). 


Since early infancy, the ability of humans at interacting with each other is
substantially strengthened by vision, with several visual processes tuned to
support prosocial behaviour. For instance, a natural predisposition to look
at human faces or to detect biological motion is present at birth. More
refined abilities — as the understanding and anticipation of others' actions
— progressively develop with age, leading, in a few years, to a full
capability of interaction based on mutual understanding, joint coordination
and collaboration. 
A key challenge of robotics research nowadays is to provide artificial
agents with similar advanced visual perception skills, with the ultimate
goal of designing humanoid robots able to recognize and interpret both
explicit and implicit communication cues embedded in human movements.  These
achievements pave the way for the large-scale use of Human-Robot Interaction
based applications on a variety of contexts, ranging from the design of
personal robots, to physical, social and cognitive rehabilitation. 

Call for contributions:
In this highly interdisciplinary one-day workshop we aim at bringing
together contributions from the fields of cognitive science, robotics,
machine vision and artificial intelligence, to corroborate the discussion on
the potential guidelines to design and develop biologically-inspired
computational vision models that may favour a natural interaction between
artificial systems and humans.  

Please submit a short abstract summarizing your contribution, you may
include links or pointers to web-based illustrations, demonstration material
or papers giving more details. The work can be “in progress” or recently
published, in addition to novel research. If you would like to give a talk,
please contact Noceti  (nicoletta.noceti at unige.it ) and Sciutti
(alessandra.sciutti at iit.it ) by email by July 6, 2016.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

•             Vision neuroscience for interaction •            
Computational vision models •             Vision for Robotics and Artificial
intelligence •             Human robot interaction •             Vision in
Social sciences

This workshop is supported by the European Project CODEFROR

Important dates:

+ July 6, 2016 – Deadline for abstract submission October 19, 2016 – 
+ BMVA symposium at BCS (British Computer Society) in London, UK.


+ Nicoletta Noceti (Università degli Studi di Genova) - 
+ nicoletta.noceti at unige.it Alessandra Sciutti (Istituto Italiano di 
+ Tecnologia) - alessandra.sciutti at iit.it

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