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Fri Jul 22 04:00:32 CEST 2016

Dr. Andrew Pruszynski (​www.pruszynskilab.com​) and Dr. Jörn Diedrichsen (​
www.diedrichsenlab.org​) are looking to hire a postdoctoral
fellow/associate in sensorimotor neuroscience.

The incumbent will help develop and lead a project involving a mix of
non­-human primate neurophysiology and computational neuroscience,
including (1) large­-scale neural recordings in sensorimotor cortex during
complex reaching and grasping actions and (2) biologically­-realistic
neural networks (done in collaboration with Dr. Timothy Lillicrap, Google
Deepmind). The incumbent must have a PhD in Neuroscience (or related area)
and a strong track record with single­-cell electrophysiology in primates
as witnessed by excellent peer­-reviewed publications; a strong
computational background, particularly experience with machine learning, is
also desired.

Our labs are located at the Brain and Mind Institute (w​ ww.uwo.ca/bmi​)
and the Robarts Research Institute (​www.robarts.ca)​ , both at Western
University in London, Canada. Systems and cognitive neuroscience is a key
area of research strength at Western University, with more than 30
Principal Investigators and 200 trainees. Further details about working as
a postdoctoral fellow/associate at Western University and about living in
London, Canada can be found here:

Annual salary depends on level of experience but will be no less than
$45,000 per year. Funding is available for up to 5 years. Start date is
negotiable but ideally would be no later than January 2017. Reimbursement
for moving expenses will be available.

Applications marked with reference number AP­-CIHR­-PDF­-2016 should be
submitted electronically as a single PDF file to andrew.pruszynski at uwo.ca.
The application deadline is September 15th, 2016. Please include all the
following components:

1.​ ​A personal statement describing research interests, experience, and
goals (<2 pages)
2.​ ​A complete curriculum vitae
3.​ ​Names and contact information of three references
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