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Robert Butera rbutera at gatech.edu
Fri Jul 1 17:37:15 CEST 2016

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Axion BioSystems, Inc. is a life science company located in Atlanta, GA. 
We design, develop and manufacture instrumentation used for the precise 
monitoring and control of excitable cells. Axion’s products are used by 
pharmaceutical and biotech companies, governmental agencies, and 
universities for drug safety, drug discovery, and disease modeling 
assays. We are currently seeking an energetic scientist to lead Axion’s 
efforts in a collaboration with the Institute for Genomic Medicine (IGM) 
at Columbia University. The objective of the collaboration is to 
interrogate the genetic mechanisms of epilepsy with multiwell 
microelectode array (MEA) technology.

The newly developed IGM is an integral part of Columbia University’s 
Precision Medicine Initiative. As part of this Initiative, the IGM 
performs comprehensive genomic analyses on more than 10,000 patient 
genomes per year in order to identify new therapeutic targets of 
neurodevelopmental disorders including epilepsy. In order to understand 
how the implicated mutation affects disease, the laboratories of David 
Goldstein and Michael Boland use both primary neurons from mouse models 
of epilepsy and neurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem 
cells to study the effects of epilepsy gene mutations on 
neurodevelopment and neural network behavior. The selected individual 
will contribute analytical and electrophysiological expertise to 
complement a highly skilled team of molecular biologists.

• Execution of neurophysiological experiments with the multiwell MEA 
platform. The ability to interpret or debug experiments in real-time is 
important, such as distinguishing signal from noise or artifacts.
• Analysis of large electrophysiological data sets, primarily from the 
multiwell MEA platform, but also including complementary in vivo data.
• Develop experimental hypotheses and identify expected results. Must 
confirm results through independent analysis and investigate any 
discrepancies that appear, while understanding the strengths and 
limitations of model systems (i.e., cellular vs. animal).
• Drive innovation of the multiwell MEA assay, leading to new 
experimental methods and analytical techniques.
• Work well in a fast-paced, collaborative environment at Columbia 
University in New York City, with an ability to communicate well with 
the Axion team in Atlanta.

• PhD in neuroscience or neuroengineering. A recent post-doc experience 
is a plus.
• Hands-on research experience with electrophysiology techniques. 
Specific experience
with MEA technology is desired.
• Biostatistical and data analysis experience.
• Experience with software analysis tools such as MATLAB or MiniTAB.
• Attention to detail with good documentation and communication skills.
• U.S Citizenship or permanent residency required.

The following are not required, but will enhance an applicant’s candidacy.
• Hands on experience in general biological protocols including 
knowledge of primary cell dissociation, cell culture protocols, CRISPR, 
gene editing, and basic molecular techniques.
• Experience with screening technologies, such as high-throughput patch 
clamp or high content imaging.
• Knowledge of pharmacology and neurotoxicity research.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and 
cover letter to careers at axionbio.com

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