[Comp-neuro] Postdocs integrated into the Human brain Project – specifically data-driven modeling at the subcellular or network levels, or tool development/support

Jeanette Hällgren Kotaleski jeanette at csc.kth.se
Sat Jan 23 15:12:17 CET 2016

Dear Colleagues, dear all,

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, is currently recruiting postdocs to be working within the Human Brain Project.

1) Postdoc/application expert – specifically development of brain modeling tools:

Specifically for the current position software applications providing user-friendly interface to cellular-level modelling tools will be developed, supported and used. These will include an optimization framework (for fitting electrical models of neurons to their observed electrical behaviour) and also a morphology pipeline (the tool used to analyse and validate neuron morphologies).
More info and how to apply at: https://intra.kth.se/en/anstallning/karriar/karriar-och-kompetensutveckling-kompetensstod/lediga-jobb-externa/what:job/jobID:86327/where:4/

2) Postdoc in computational systems (neuro)biology – specifically synaptic plasticity and neuromodulation:

Specifically for the above position data-driven modeling of receptor induced cascades such as GPCR dependent cascades involved in neuromodulation and synaptic signaling will be done.
More info and how to apply at: https://intra.kth.se/en/anstallning/karriar/karriar-och-kompetensutveckling-kompetensstod/lediga-jobb-externa/what:job/jobID:86205/where:4/

3) Postdoc in brain simulations - specifically motor control and selection of behaviour:

Specifically for the position, modeling of motor control and learning with basal ganglia as important components will be done. The modeling tools are mainly Nest and Neuron.
More info and how to apply at: https://intra.kth.se/en/anstallning/karriar/karriar-och-kompetensutveckling-kompetensstod/lediga-jobb-externa/what:job/jobID:86268/where:4/

All the best,
Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski
Prof, School of Computer Science and Communication,
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

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