[Comp-neuro] 2 comp neuro PhD studentships in the Clopath lab

Claudia Clopath c.clopath at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Jan 21 20:26:07 CET 2016

We are pleased to advertise 2 PhD studentships at Imperial College London.
They are both collaborative and consist of a main computational part and a
small experimental part.



Application deadline: 29th of January

Best, Claudia Clopath

****** Biologically inspired computation for real-time motor learning
Paul Chadderton
Claudia Clopath

An important area of robotics research is focused on developing machines
that can learn and adapt to changing environments as efficiently as
animals. Biological principles underlying the acquisition of motor skills
are likely to inspire these new technologies. The aim of our project is to
characterise computational principles of motor learning in real time using
novel neurophysiological data from a uniquely tractable and well-controlled
system, the whisker circuitry of the cerebellar cortex. Neural recordings
will reveal how the brain adapts during learning, and will then be used to
develop and apply a biologically constrained computational model in an
actively sensing robot.

****** Learning to hear with plasticity across multiple timescales
Dan Goodman
Claudia Clopath
Paul Chadderton

Humans have a remarkable ability to understand speech in noisy environments
such as a crowded pub. Despite advances in speech recognition, the question
of how we do this remains largely unsolved.
This project aims at understanding how the brain adapts and learns to cope
with these difficult listening situations, with the goal of developing
better technology for speech processing. It will involve (1) developing
mathematical and computational models of hearing and neural adaptation and
plasticity, (2) experimental testing (including training in animal
electrophysiology and human psychoacoustics), and (3) technology
development for speech recognition, hearing aids and cochlear implants.
The candidate should be willing to learn experimental techniques (animal
electrophysiology and/or human psychophysics), but is not required to have
any previous experience.
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