[Comp-neuro] research assistant position available

Dominik Endres dominik.endres at uni-marburg.de
Tue Jan 12 09:44:19 CET 2016

A research assistant position (salary commensurate with 65% TV-H E13) for a 
highly motivated individual is available in the group of theoretical 
Neuroscience headed by Prof. Dr. Dominik Endres. The Group is located in the 
Department of Psychology at the Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany.

The position is initially for one year, extensible given satisfactory 
performance. The position is intended to facilitate a scientific qualification, 
specifically a German doctorate (PhD equivalent). The position is embedded in 
the Collaborative Research Center SFB 135, http://www.forschungsallianz-gi-mr.de/projekte/sfb/wahrnehmung.

Duties include active, self-motivated participation in the research and 
teaching activities of the group, in particular a) the development of 
quantifiable theoretical models about  movement perception based on movement 
primitives, and b) the experimental testing of such models using the new 
virtual-reality facility of the department. 

Prerequisites are a Master's degree or German Diplom in one of the following 
areas: theoretical Neuroscience, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, 
Electrical Engineering, Cognitive Science or Psychology with a minor in one of 
the aforementioned fields. Programming experience in Python, C++ or similar are 
advantageous. Applications with experience in machine learning, computer 
graphics or behavioral experimentation will be preferred. Applicants' skills 
in these areas will be  tested as a part of the recruitment procedure.

The academic environment is a vibrant scientific community at the Research 
Alliance Giessen/Marburg comprising the IRTG 1901 International Research 
Training Group investigating The Brain in Action (http://www.irtg-brainact.de/) and a Collaborative Research Center (SFB 135, 
http://www.forschungsallianz-gi-mr.de/projekte/sfb/wahrnehmung) on the 
Cardinal Mechanisms of Perception, thus offering an excellent environment for 
cutting edge research on the intersections between different disciplines 
ranging from experimental psychology and human movement science to 
computational modeling, machine learning, psycholinguistics and the 
neurobiology of action.

Applications should include a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae and 
Master's transcripts or similar records, and the addresses of 2 referees. The 
initial application should be sent by email to Prof. Dr. D. Endres 
(dominik.endres at uni-marburg.de) no later than Jan. 26th, 2016 (earlier 
applications preferred). Please do not sent originals by mail, because we will 
not be able to return them to you. We will not cover travel costs to/from 
Marburg for job interviews.

The Philipps-University of Marburg is an equal opportunity employer. 

Relevant paper:
Endres, D., Chiovetto, E. & Giese, M. A. (2013). Model selection for the 
extraction of movement primitives. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 

Prof. Dr. Dominik Endres
AE Theoretische Neurowissenschaft
Allgemeine und Biologische Psychologie
FB Psychologie, Gutenbergstr 18, 35032 Marburg, Germany 
Tel. +49-(0)6421-28-23818

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