[Comp-neuro] Parallel Simulation with NEURON

Ted Carnevale ted.carnevale at yale.edu
Thu Apr 28 19:48:34 CEST 2016

A few seats remain available in the course
Parallel Simulation with NEURON
that we will be presenting at HHMI|Janelia
Saturday, June 25 - Monday, June 27.

This course is designed for users who already know how
to write hoc or Python code for NEURON and now want to
adapt existing models, or create new ones, that can be
simulated on parallel hardware. Special attention will
be paid to strategies for debugging, and measuring and
improving performance.

Registration is subject to approval by the course's faculty.
The registration deadline is Friday, May 20, 2016.
For more information and the online application form, see



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