[Comp-neuro] Two positions at Boston Univ: 1.) Neural data analysis & 2.) Modeling cortical cognitive function

Michael Hasselmo hasselmo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 23:26:00 CEST 2016

Two positions are available in the Hasselmo laboratory in the Center for
Systems Neuroscience at Boston University focused on: 1.) Analysis of
neurophysiological data, and 2.) Computational modeling of cortical
cognitive function. Each position could be hired as either a pre-doctoral
staff position or a post-doctoral research position.

1. ANALYSIS OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL DATA. This position involves working with
multiple ongoing neurophysiological research projects, including unit and
field potential recording in awake behaving rodents, and whole cell patch
recording in brain slice preparations.  The ideal candidate will be able to
balance research projects efficiently and work closely with others in the
lab. Interest in neuroscience and background in engineering or mathematics
is preferred. Experience with scientific data analysis and signal
processing is essential. Programming proficiency is required. Languages of
use include: MATLAB, Python, Unix, C++, MySQL, though experience is not
required in each. Experience with machine learning, computational modeling,
and biomedical recording hardware/software is desirable.


•    Develop and maintain standardized analysis procedures and toolboxes
for multiple experimental paradigms.

•    Develop software for interfacing with experimental equipment, as

•    Assist on experimental design and statistical analyses of data

•    Develop processing procedures for non-standard data

•    Compare and fit experimental results to biologically structured models.

•    Prepare written presentations of results

•    Maintain a uniform data flow and backup procedure across researchers.

•    Maintain and utilize MySQL databases.

involves development of cortical circuit models of cognitive function with
a particular emphasis on the prefrontal cortex, building on previous
research including work in the Hasselmo laboratory at Boston University.
The ideal candidate will have previous experience with development of
neural circuit models of the role of neocortical structures in symbolic
processing and cognitive function, with programming proficiency in
languages such as MATLAB and/or Python.


•    Develop and maintain cognitive model of cortical function using
neurons at different levels of detail.

•    Simulate behavioral function in a range of cognitive tasks.

•    Assist on design of experiments using fMRI and unit recording in
non-human primates.

•    Compare and fit experimental results to biologically structured models.

•    Prepare written presentations of models and experimental data.

If interested, please send resume, cover letter, and names of references
(letters not yet required) to Prof. Michael Hasselmo at hasselmo at bu.edu.

Prof. Michael Hasselmo
Director, Center for Systems Neuroscience,
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences,
Center for Memory and Brain,
Graduate Program for Neuroscience,
Boston University, 2 Cummington St., Boston, MA, 02215, USA
e-mail: hasselmo at bu.edu, http://www.bu.edu/hasselmo
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