[Comp-neuro] Three neuroinformatics positions in ferret brain research

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In a collaboration between University Medical Center Eppendorf (Hamburg,
Germany), the Donders Institute (Radboud University
Nijmegen, The Netherlands), and Institute Pasteur (Paris, France),
three positions at the postdoc level are available. The research
focuses on studying the architecture and connectivity of the ferret
brain, encompassing research on architecture and morphology
(particularly, cortical folding) of the developing brain as well as
the collation and analysis of brain connectivity in the adult brain.
The project will make available a public data set of MRI and
microscopic images of the developing ferret brain, together with
tools for the online annotation of these data.
The Nijmegen and Paris components of the research both develop the tools
and perform an initial analysis of the MRI and microscopy data.
The Hamburg component continues the development of a public online
database of brain connectivity in conjunction with the development
of an atlas of the adult ferret brain.
The three positions are described in detail below.

1. Position at Radboud University.

The full text of this position is available here:

The summary is: "We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral
candidate to contribute to a neuroinformatics platform that allows
researchers worldwide to jointly work on the creation of brain atlases.
The scientific use case is to build a detailed developmental brain atlas
for the ferret. The ferret is special in that the folding patterns of
its brain develop after birth, so that the folding process can be
studied on the basis of a series of combined MRI and microscopy data
sets. Data will be provided by our partner Dr. Roberto Toro from
Institute Pasteur in Paris, who is also the creator of the platform
prototype (www.siphonophore.org/microdraw). You will work together with
Dr. Rembrandt Bakker who leads the Scalable Brain Atlas project
(www.scalablebrainatlas.org). The project is funded by the Netherlands
Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and its French counterpart
and is part of a FLAG-ERA funding scheme that falls under the umbrella
of the Human Brain Project.

Further inquiries: r.bakker at fz-juelich.de, p.tiesinga at science.ru.nl

2. Position at University Medical Center Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany

We seek a Researcher in Neuroinformatics at the predoctoral or
postdoctoral level, to curate an online database of ferret brain
architecture and connectivity. The position is available immediately
and runs until 30th June 2019. Further extensions are possible.

The researcher will be expected to continue the conceptual and technical
development of the ferretome.org database system, and supervise the
population of the database with data collated from the literature as
well as newly performed anatomy experiments. Moreover, the researcher
will work on the integration of the ferretome with online atlases of the
ferret brain.

The researcher will be based at the Department of Computational
Neuroscience, University Medical Center Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany.
The position is part of the Collaborative Research Center 936
(sfb936.net) “Multi-site communication in the brain" and would suit a
researcher with background in computer science or biology. In any case,
the position requires strong computer skills, particularly in database
systems, high proficiency in written and spoken English and great
curiosity. The researcher needs to integrate well with a highly
multinational, multidisciplinary team at the Department of Computational
Neuroscience as well as the Research Center 936. For researchers at the
predoctoral level, the position offers the opportunity for obtaining a
PhD degree.

For further inquiries contact Prof. Claus C. Hilgetag, PhD:
c.hilgetag at uke.de.

3. Position at Institute Pasteur

This position at the postdoctoral level will commence after the
microscopy data for the developmental ferret atlas has become available.
The candidate should have a background in computational neuroanatomy
or neuroinformatics, and preferrably have experience with online
development and data visualisation. You will be working together with
Ophélie Foubet, who is doing a PhD that focuses on the mechanics of
neocortical development.

Contact Roberto Toro: roberto.toro at gmail.com for details about this

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